SANG PENARI (The Dancer)
2011/ Color/ 111 menit/ Indonesian/ Digital/ 18+

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Schedule :
Jumat, 4 November 2016, jam 15.00/19.00/21.00
Jumat, 11 November 2016, jam 15.00/19.00/21.00

Tempat: Warung Bejubels
Jl Teuku Umar no 231B
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Young teenagers Rasus and Srintil fall in loved amidst living in poverty in their small, poor village of Dukuh Paruk in 1960s. Srintil is blessed with her dancing moves said to have certain magic. Many elderly believe that Srintil is destined to be a ronggeng (prime dancer), which means she belongs to the entire village. This makes Rasus feel robbed of his love to Srintil, and in the middle of his despair, he leaves the village to join the army force. As time goes by, Rasus is torn between abdicating himself to the country, or to pursue his love to Srintil, until a big political coup separates the two. Will their undying passion to each other survive the great tragedy?