Bahasa Tegal dengan subteks Bahasa Inggris
Produksi: Fourcolors Films
Produser: Ifa Isfansyah
Sutradara: Wicaksono Wisnu Legowo
Pemain: Ubaidillah Slamet Ambari Yono Daryono Rudi Iteng Firman Hadi Narti Diono Bontot Sukandar

Harsh life makes people become losers in Kampung Tirang. They are infected with pessimistic and fear. Especially towards Darso, a rich boss who gave them ‘lives’. Pakel, a toady graduate in Darso’s circle, cunningly makes the villagers become low-minded. That situation helps him to easily take advantages. A slight optimism and hope to escape this unempowered life appear in Turah and Jadag. The indicents happened push Turah and Jadag to fight against their fear and get out of this cunning narration. This is a powerful effort from them, the people of Kampung Tirang, so that they will no longer be losers and remnants.

Director’s Profil:
Born in Tegal in 1983, finished his film study in Jakarta Arts Institute. His short film, Tobong, received special awards from the judges in Festival Film Indonesia 2006. Turah is his first feature project.

Asian Feature Film Special Mention – Singapore International Film Festival 2016
Geber Award – Jogja NETPAC Film Festival 2016
NETPAC Award – Jogja NETPAC Film Festival 2016

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