Bioskopan in collaborations with Warung Bejubels
Screening Film “The Sun The Moon And The Hurricane”
Sept, 15 2016 & Sept, 22 2016.
15:00 Wita, 18:00 Wita dan 21:00 Wita.
Warung Bejubels -Jl.Teuku Umar Denpasar – Bali, 2nd Floor.

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Synopsis The Sun The Moon And The Hurricane
A story of one gay journey since he was in high school until in he’s 32 years old. How he saw people around him changed, how himself changed simply to adapt, to survive. How all events in his life and people he met shaped his life and destiny. A story of the ever changing human. The endless search of happiness, the struggle to grow up and the battle with loneliness.
Produser: Andri Cung, Paul Agusta
Sutradara: Andri Cung
Penulis: Andri Cung
Pemeran: William Tjokro, Cornelius Sunny, Natalius Chendana, Gesata Stella, Paul Agusta
Nominasi sutradara baru terbaik, Vancouver International Film Festival 2014.
Release Nasional: Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival 2014.