Li Ahh and Li Ohm grow up motherless. Their father Sui is a workaholic who spends most of his time mending broken mannequins. Sui is an outsider to the two boys, the only legacy left by the woman he loved, or still loves.

While he shuts himself out from the world, the two brothers grow up with all the freedom of neglected children. They roam the streets; get into fights and other trouble in school. Along the way, they adopt a stray puppy, which becomes the most important thing in their lives.

When the puppy is sent away for being a nuisance, the boys are devastated. Sui is very much affected by his boys’ strong emotional attachment to the puppy. For the very first time, he realises that he is still able to love and he’s going to do something about it before it’s too late.

Sutradara: Liew Seng Tat
Produser: Michelle Lo
Perusahaan produksi: Da Huang Pictures
Tahun: 2007
Pemeran: James Lee, Wong Zi Jiang, Lim Ming Wei, LAINNYA
Bahasa: Bahasa Mandarin, Bahasa Kanton, Bahasa Melayu (sub: English)


New Current Award, 12th Pusan International Film Festival 2007[3]

KNN Audience Award, 12th Pusan International Film Festival 2007[3]

VPRO Tiger Award, 37th International Film Festival Rotterdam 2008

«Le Regard d’Or» (Golden Gaze) Award, 22nd Fribourg International Film Festival 2008

Jury prize (Lotus du Jury), 10th Deauville Asian Film Festival 2008


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