Working Girls (123 minutes)

Anthology Documentary Working Girls (123 minutes)

Ayu Riana had become the backbone of her family at the age of 14 when she won the Superdut dangdut contest at one television station in 2008. The performance from different stages and villages in West Java bring quite a lot of money. Family pressure might blur Riana’s true personal dreams. ✔Asal Tak Ada Angin (40 Menit)
Director & Writer: Yosep Anggi Noen @angginoen

Kamek & friends had chosen a life as traditional Javanese performance Ketoprak Tobong that slowly fade away. Is it true that their backstage life would enable them to survive in the midst of modernity and the increasingly urgent economic needs? ✔Ulfie Pulang Kampung (45 Menit)
Director & Writer: Daud Sumolang @daudsumolang & Nitta Nazyra C Noer @nazyra_c.noer

Ulfie, a transwoman who has her own beauty salon in Jakarta, is determined to return to her hometown in Aceh after years. She routinely sends money to her mother and brothers even though she rarely meets them directly.When she learned that many of her fellow transgender friends at her homeland had died of HIV, her sense of humanity and concern surges up and she is determined to do something to prevent the deterioration of the situation.


18 Jan 2020


5:00 pm




MASH Denpasar


MASH Denpasar

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