The King of the White Elephant

Based on a novel and produced by Pridi Banomyong and released before Thailand’s involvement in World War II, the English-language film carried a propaganda message from anti-war interests in Thailand, that Thailand should remain neutral, and only go to war to defend its sovereignty against foreign invaders.

The King of the White Elephant
(Director: Sunh Vasudhara/ Thailand/ 1941/ Fiction/ 100 min)
With English subtitles

The King of the White Elephant was an English-speaking Thai film made to promote the message of peace during World War II. Written and produced by Pridi Banomyong, statesman and the brain behind the Siamese Revolution of 1932, the story is adapted from a real historical battle and centers on a confrontation between the righteous King Chakra of Ayodhaya and the invading army of King Hongsa, who demands the auspicious white elephant as his trophy. To prevent bloodshed, King Chakra challenges King Hongsa to an elephant-duel. The encounter between the two armies, however, reveals a possibility of peace and compassion in the face of war.

Production Company: Pridi Production
Story: Pridi Banomyong
Director of Photography: Prasart Sukhum
Sound: Charn Bunnag
Art Director: M.C. Yachai Chitrabongse
Editor: Bamrung Naewbanji
Cast: Renu Kritayakorn, Suvat Nilsen and Luang Srisurang
Print Source: Film Archive (Public Organization), Thailand


05 Jul 2020


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MASH Denpasar


MASH Denpasar

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