SANTI-VINA – A classic Thai Films – Restored Prints
“Marut” (Thavi Na Bangchang) / Thailand / 1954 / 117 minutes
(Thai film with spoken English language)

It is a karmic triangle that binds the three characters Santi, Vina and Krai. Santi, a poor blind boy was sent by his father to stay and learn the lessons of Buddha with Luang Ta, a respectable monk, in a cave. Vina, his friend, takes a pity on him and tries to protect him from the bullying of Krai. As grown ups, Santi and Vina become lovers and Krai feels jealous. Krai asks his parents to make a marriage proposal to Vina, but Vina decides to run away with Santi in the hope for their love.

Santi-Vina is the first Thai feature film shot on 35mm in colour with quality sound, as the majority of films from that time are shot on 16mm. It is also the first Thai feature film to win international recognition.
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27 Feb 2022


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MASH Denpasar


MASH Denpasar

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