Perempuan Punya Cerita

Perempuan Punya Cerita
Sutradara: Nia Dinata, Lasja F Susatyo, Fatimah T Rony, Upi
2007 | Drama | 112 menit

Perempuan Punya Cerita merupakan kumpulan 4 film pendek yang dikemas dalam sebuah film drama Indonesia yang dirilis pada tahun 2008. Film ini dibuat dengan mendekati subyek mereka memakai perspektif perempuan.

Film ini terdiri dari empat segmen yang disutradarai oleh empat sutradara dan dua penulis skenario yang berbeda. Segmen pertama dengan judul Cerita Pulau ditulis oleh Vivian Idris dan disutradarai oleh Fatimah Rony. Segmen ke-dua berjudul Cerita Yogyakarta ditulis oleh Vivian Idris dan disutradarai oleh Upi Avianto. Segmen ke-tiga berjudul Cerita Cibinong ditulis oleh Melissa Karim dan disutradarai oleh Nia Dinata. Segmen ke-empat berjudul Cerita Jakarta ditulis oleh Melissa Karim dan disutradarai oleh Lasja Fauzia Susatyo.


Story of Island (Fatimah T. Rony)

Sumantri (Rieke Diah Pitaloka) is the only midwife in one island nears Jakarta. She married with a man named Rokhim (Arswendi Nasution) and cares a retarded woman named Wulan (Rachel Maryam). One day, she left the island for a medical check-up. She convicted by doctor that she is affected by cancer, makes she must takes operation and rest in Jakarta for months, leaving her life in the island. Revealed that she is still seen bad from an abortion that she doing for saves a life of a woman. Night, Wulan raped and pregnant. And from this point, Sumantri cannot doing anything because money is the real ruler in the island.

Story of Yogyakarta (Upi Avianto)

Safina (Kirana Larasati) is a High School girl who very close to free sex habit which surrounds her and her friends. Many stories going on, she meets a journalist who wants to write article about free sex on teens named Jay Anwar. He covered his mission by introduces that he is an usually college boy. Safina loves Jay and loses her virginity with him. Finally, Jay going to Jakarta after what he doing to Safina. Makes something should to do by her.

Story of Cibinong (Nia Dinata)

Esi (Shanty) is a cleaning service in a cheap nightclub named “Merem Melek”. She friends with dangdut singers such as Cicih (Sarah Sechan). Esi now lives with her boyfriend, Narto, and her daughter, Maesaroh (Ken Nala Amrytha). After Esi see Narto forced Maesaroh to perform oral sex on him, Esi and Maesaroh escape to Cicih’s home with Cicih’s husband, Mang Jaja. Then Esi should to takes a fact that Cicih and Maesaroh caught in human trafficking.

Story of Jakarta (Lasja Fauzia Susatyo)

Laksmi (Susan Bachtiar) and her daughter Belinda (Ranti Maria) get news that Reno (Winky Wiryawan) their husband and father, died because overdose. Laksmi gets HIV/AIDS from him and makes Reno’s parents and siblings, chases Laksmi and Belinda. Laksmi, with her little money, finally knows that the way to makes her daughter happy is to not with her.


20 Dec 2020


6:30 pm




Jln. Hanoman, Pengosekan, Ubud

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