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Film Screening: FOCUS ON WREGAS


Wregas_bhanuteja was born in Jakarta, 20 October 1992. He grew up in Yogyakarta, and went to a film school in Jakarta Institute of Arts with film directing major. His short film Lembusura (2014) was selected in 65th Berlin International Film Festival 2015. After graduated from the institute, he worked in a production house in Jakarta. He keep continue making short films, and Prenjak / In The Year of Monkey (2016) was his latest short film. Prenjak won Leica Cine Discovery Prize as best short film in Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Film Festival 2016.

di Warung Bejubels
lantai 2, Jl Teuku Umar No 231 Denpasar.
Info, hubungi : 081999962919
29 November 2016, jam 16.00 dan 18.00 wita
6 Desember 2016, jam 16.00 dan 18.00 wita

Di Rumah Film Sang Karsa – jl.raya Seririt-Singaraja
Sabtu 10 Desember jam 19.30

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