Feature length film screening with audience donation

Screening Film Seringai: Generasi Menolak Tua

Poster-Pemutaran Film-Seringai-Generasi-Menolak-Lupa-bioskopan-bali

Film Screening SERINGAI: GENERASI MENOLAK TUA 2009/ Color/ 60 minutes/ Indonesian with English Subtitle/ Digital. Bioskopan X Warung BeJubels Selasa; 20 & 27 September 2016 Pukul: 15:00, 18:00, 21:00 Waktu Bali. Director: Sammy Bramantyo Producer: Seringai Seringai: Ricardo Siahaan, Arian Arifin, Edy Susanto, Sammy Bramantyo Cameraman: James Erlangga, Qaharanu Abubakar, Dawny Bayuamianto, Soleh Solihun Editor: […]

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Screening Film TSTMTH at Warung Bejubels


Bioskopan in collaborations with Warung Bejubels Screening Film “The Sun The Moon And The Hurricane” Sept, 15 2016 & Sept, 22 2016. 15:00 Wita, 18:00 Wita dan 21:00 Wita. Warung Bejubels -Jl.Teuku Umar Denpasar – Bali, 2nd Floor. Synopsis The Sun The Moon And The Hurricane A story of one gay journey since he was […]

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MIDNIGHT SHOW Screening with Gandhi Fernando


#MIDNIGHTSHOW Synopsis: ‘Child’ a title of a film based on a true story that is playing in Podium Theater about a kid who killed his families, it made a huge profit for the film company. But it also made a huge moral controversy in the country. When people start to argue about what is right […]

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