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Film screening with audience donation


Bioskopan is touring film screening activities supported by donations from audiences.

Bioskopan building a ‘bridge’ between the audience and the film, campaigning to build awareness for the viewing experience, to watch the work of film on a wider screen, holding in to belief that some films is meant to be enjoyed in full, utilizing certain media and atmosphere so that every detail of the work can be conveyed to the one who wants to enjoy it.

In this activity, which began mid-2016, Bioskopan collaborated with the film distribution rights, so that all the films shown by Bioskopan is legal and authorized by the rights holder of the film. #Bioskopan is focusing on feature-length films, both of which have played in a movie theater or that are dedicated to be distributed in an alternative distribution route.

Film Screening by Bioskopan is not just settling in one place. Bioskopan collaboration with venue partners that are interested in supporting this movement and already have facilities for a comfortable film viewing both indoors and outdoors.

Why donate? Bioskopan runs by volunteers, with the intention, simply to share the entertainment, or furthermore to spread the insights, knowledge and creates an open space for dialogue through the medium of film. Bioskopan is a social event, an open space to meet and enjoy a spectacle together.

Donation you give will help Bioskopan ongoing movement and also providing support and encouragement to the filmmakers to continue to produce better work, and in the end, is dedicated to the film audience in Indonesia.

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