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Li Ahh and Li Ohm grow up motherless. Their father Sui is a workaholic who spends most of his time mending broken mannequins. Sui is an outsider to the two boys, the only legacy left by the woman he loved, […]

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Screening Pai Kau 牌九

pemutaran film pai-kau

Synopsis: Lucy (Irina Chiu) is the daughter of Koh Liem (Tjie Jan Tan) who is a revered business man. On Lucy’s wedding day to Edy (Anthony Xie), the groom of her choice, an uninvited woman shows up. She introduces herself […]

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LELAKI HARAPAN DUNIA at Moonlight Bioskopan


LELAKI HARAPAN DUNIA Men Who Save the World Pak Awang finds an abandoned house in the jungle and decides to give it to his daughter as a wedding present. He enlists the help of the villagers to help him carry […]

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Ugly Stupid Love, Moonlight Bioskopan


SYNOPSIS A satirical comedy about Pipin, a girl who is obsessed to marry a white man. It mirrors Indonesian society’s fascination with a white ideal. With a little hope she has left, she stands up for herself to gain her […]

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Sekala Niskala Film Screening


S I N O P S I S Suatu hari di kamar rumah sakit, Tantri (10 tahun) menyadari bahwa ia tidak memiliki banyak waktu dengan saudara kembarnya, Tantra. Kondisi Tantra melemah dan mulai kehilangan indranya satu persatu. Tantra menghabiskan waktu […]

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